2014 new men’s fashion bags with totally black colour

Recently, Stroble released a stylish black leather bag. In this group of new varieties of leather with a very strong lineup. A variety of personalized Boston bags, briefcases, handbags, fashion trends next year have showed the whole briefcase. These bags all-black, simple shape, so simple that even a little monotonous, but it does undeniably the most wild, most powerful. So soft, simple and elegant, bags and use either work or weekend trips are obvious choice.

This bag combines two functionality, since portable, but also carrying a single room. With nostalgic texture and metal buckle, and instantly improve the taste of the whole bag. Soft texture, but also greatly improves the texture of the whole bag.

This bag continuation of the classic briefcase traditional style, in the traditional style based on texture emphasize this embodiment, fine leather, with a bit of glossy leather, this bag make the look more texture. Not casual wear more classic minimalist styling.

This bag is too simple, naked physique could not find any fine details, this bag can also get good reviews, the most important thing is to look at the quality of the leather, the quality of the leather is pulling the whole bag of taste. Large capacity models, more practical.

GIVENCHY LC new bag List

French luxury brand Givenchy’s LC line, recently released a set of recent bag styles. In the latest release of this bag does not seem to find the Givenchy usual flamboyant style, but showing a high-end fashion style ably. Occasionally appear on the printed Givenchy bag, but the presentation of the style is more restrained. These single product will be on sale this year in December. These bags are more neutral, both men and women said. Men and women can mention it really makes general.

The whole bag curves are relatively simple, so it is destined to be born wild. Black bag more significant temperament, but also with the more prominent men’s suit with taste, so that this bag is very worthwhile to start a bag.

Black and white stitching the collision of a fashion minimalist temperament, with this white stitching, the whole bag showing a very atmospheric fashion sense, the whole small bag sewn large bag of whole profile of children are is very refined and elegant, it reflects a sense of quality.

Let this bag printing into the full breath of spring, and the whole profile of the printing style bags are more atmospheric. This bag is called the clean clothes maps, flowers are blooming, butterfly collecting nectar, prosperity and vitality of the scene makes you more relaxed and happy.

The new Prada handbags held by pop stars

The new Prada handbags touted 10,004 so you have a Devil Wears Prada star models who have a new prey, the new flowers bag has become the fashion models walking on the waves of stars blitz. In Prada classic models based on the bag front rows were scattered nailed three-dimensional shape of flowers, distinctive design for only $ 10,004 you can have the same product with the star, does not sound elusive.

Miuccia Prada quarterly will surprise us! The launch of the Prada Floral flowers very amazing package. Package material will still be calfskin, classic inverted triangle enamel Prada label is also essential, high-capacity three inner bag can meet the needs of OL. Shoulin double handle adding a sense of competence, but also to the people playful flowers convey a cute little woman pack owner side. The price of 10,004 yuan is very pertinent, presumably there have been many “Monster” were belligerent in the bar!

Freaky step Miranda recently Jessica Alba and Lily Allen’s footsteps, becoming a recently photographed carrying this bag flowers star. Red rose with large scarves and quilted Balenciaga leather short paragraph, full gas field. In contrast Jessica Alba is a lot of low-key, pure white shirt outside the ride long black leather vest, black leather boots foot print leggings, clean, simple, simple design to this flower bag side exposed. Pregnant Lily Allen wearing a navy blue long section warm woolen coat, in order to keep the overall shape too mediocre carry on this hot bag pocketed popularity. The new Prada Floral bags such a high frequency which shows the stars leave its affection. This Prada handbag is already a classic, now use hit color flowers modified so that the original walking route Prada dress add a touch of cute sense, also reminiscent of spring flowers in the winter with the most appropriate, however. This could also be the influx of people braved the risk still insist Zhuangshan reason it out and destroyed it.

Bulgari (Bvlgari) released a new 2016 spring and summer accessories

Bulgari (Bulgari) in Bulgari Hotels released a new 2016 spring and summer accessories. The same day, Kunling wear Bulgari (Bulgari) series of fine jewelry earrings and rings, Diva series bracelet elegant appearance. Retro styling with a new flip shoulder bag and full sense of style sunglasses, highlighting the modern fashion femininity. Freaky Kunling exhibition site from time to time to try new sections of handbags, these new works of love was palpable.

New season series unique, full of modern, bold re-interpretation of the concept of the brand’s iconic style and details. Bulgari designers draw inspiration from the gorgeous gemstone variety of colors in order to show the King prosperity spring and summer accessories series: pink and lemon yellow to show vitality, purple and cream color representative of soothing mood. Luxury handbags, scarves and fine personality atmospheric sunglasses are a new way to interpret two iconic Bulgari Series: Serpenti and Bulgari-Bulgari.

After New Products, a late summer night cocktail party kicked off in Bulgari Hotels gorgeous colorful garden. Stefano Tonchi “W” magazine, director of cross-border fashionistas Olivier Zahm, fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, international supermodel Caroline Vreeland, Germany Royal Highness Princess Lily zu Sayn Wittgenstein Berleburg, actress Nathalie Rapti Gomez and “Vogue” Italy Fashion Editor Candela Novembre and other international fashion celebrities attended the event. Meanwhile, the site also prepared music (The Street Clerks) and the famous magician David Jarre performances. Milly De Mori charm made arrangements DJ let VIPs enjoy pleasure moments.

New models of cooperation luggage

Genial sunshine urged to find a better pace, Kipling (Kay Pu Lin) intimate travel bag packaging carrying excited for women who want to bring the music to a wonderful holiday. In the upcoming Mother’s Day, warm heart for the mothers to send a monkey leisurely warm gifts, funny and full of joy and add more warmth.

This season, designers from South Africa Heidi Chisholm will Kipling (Pu Kai Lin) bags into the rich and warm African elements, HEIDI CHISOLM cooperation style series of bags will surely delight women who want to explore the journey of discovery of the note full of new life.

The new basic travel series African culture and modern culture perfect fusion of vibrant and bright colors, unique creative mixed colors, prints with Kipling bags strong return home function, definitely fun in the election season indispensable. With the series, we will launch a special co-operation models Heidi Chisholm. Kipling (Pu Kai Lin) hand fabric artists Heidi Chisholm build Kipling logo paragraph Art M & S, a small monkey bags pattern for the protagonist, merrily strolling and shopping in Marrakech market, pleasant screen so that everyone will look after the issue heart smile. Series continues the basic upgrade Kipling (Pu Kai Lin) has always been casual and practical style, classic wrinkle nylon fabric, metal zipper details and accessories set, changing shape. Delicate little monkey with color printing Logo, low-key in flash with Kipling (Pu Kai Lin) high on texture and color crayon shades of beautiful bags.

The new fur bags are full of personality

Into the autumn and winter, how could no fur bag? Fur elements combined in the last few quarters is getting warmer, and more flexible, stitching, dyeing, and lightweight fabrics mix and match other new design techniques, showing multiple luxurious fur outside style. Interesting details and superb technology, to create a distinctive sense of structure of the new fur bags.

Handbag design inspiration, it is a tribute to the legendary life of Princess Diana, these features make it a truly “Princess package.” Clutch boom has been high in recent years, whether it is the daily work easy to carry, also is to attend the party of choice for a single product. Fur Clutch and meet the women for luxury, sexy, personality pursuit.

This season fur from the traditional large extravagant transformed into a variety of small accessories, scarves both grace and pretty for your overall shape against the background of the elegant extravagance beautiful little lady style. How can fewer people hipsters fur, but also emphasizes the fine workmanship, the small size of the OL shoulder bag is your heart love.

Stringing the bag is popular this year

This seemingly insignificant little circles, has become an important element of popular bags this year. Just give your bag plus a small circle, its degree of fashion absolutely soaring.

Romantic girl Chloé absolutely “concentric circles” staunchest supporters, such as the now popular in the world of Faye is a good example. With this “concentric circles”, Faye bag gas field is completely different. Also popular with the influx of people love CéLINE 2015 Spring Fashion Week show floor there are “concentric circles” style bag debut. Minimalist atmosphere CéLINE when the metal ring against the background of the whole bag texture has been greatly improved, and “sex” style is more significant.

And adhere to the same CéLINE minimalist style Stella McCartney, in autumn and winter 2016 fashion week T stage launched the “concentric circles” bags, soft bag body material and metal rings contrast, the effect of folding the bag a bit like dumplings, with after the metal ring, actually it becomes more interesting. Simon Miller is on a network quietly up the red brand, Mini Bucket Bag Bonsai is its most popular models. Minimalist barrel body with silver metal rings, but no mini although fragile, simple and chic. Slim elegant metal ring is Future Glory features Coupled with tactile leather, even more full texture. Each bag has headed minimalist lines, particularly refined Chu Chen.

Three Fashionable Up-to-date Bags Recommended

Popular tide people love celine discovered the “concentric circles” of charm, in the spring and summer 2015 Fashion Week show floor there are “concentric circles” style bag debut. Minimalist atmosphere ce-line when the metal ring against the background of the whole bag texture has been greatly improved, and “sex” style is more significant.

As tod’s iconic brand bags, wave number is one of the most commuting package to start it worth it! In recent seasons the show floor, new wave tassel bag more embellishment, metal and other elements, it becomes even more lovely.

Use maxmara femininity: they are not only independent of wisdom, but also without losing the elegance of modern women, and the ability to follow the fashion trendy just like heaven, and strive to show the feminine and confident temperament.

“A” bag shape using the highest-quality soft leather, and entirely made in Tuscany exclusive workshop in Italy to attain the reduction process. The new handbag design ingenious, the use of rounded rectangular shape, perfect proportions, distinctive topstitching processing, covered buttons sculptural design, modeling casual chic, and has a variety of neutral colors in color combination, and both reflect the characteristic signs of maxmara.

Florence fashion bags Jane Rorty

Some people say that the luxury fashion, eye-catching, dazzling Quartet; Some people say that fashion is gorgeous, dazzling, extremely bright; some say personality is stylish, unique, distinctive alternative, some people say the big fashion, high-end luxury, the atmosphere awe-inspiring. Yes, each person has a different fashion all understanding, we have a unique perspective. Bags, as Amy essential fashion-conscious mix of choice, how can conquer all hearts with stylish fashion darling from Florence -? Jane Rorty, with its luxury, niche positioning, the pursuit of the details of the attitude, exquisite technology has won the praise of many high-end people.

Jane Rorty fashion, from its luxury positioning. Speaking of the luxury brand, we can easily think of first LV, Chanel, Gucci, etc., and Rorty is relatively simple, if too low-key? For positioned as a niche luxury brand bags Jane Rorty, you probably do not too familiar, but when you know Jane Rorty’s flagship store in Paris and the center of Florence luxury street, I think you must have a concept at once and get to know it!

Jane Rorty fashion, from a small minority of personality. A small minority, is another name for personality. When people pursue fashion, but want to have to buy the bag is not too public styles and brands, niche brand has become the most sensible choice. But a small minority of fashion, luxury but low-key, simple Florentine leather Rorty as the great successor, shouldering the guardian of traditional crafts and new technology to use the task.

Jane Rorty fashion, from the details of the design. Jane Rorty logo design is an old lock, lock body as a whole for the bronze, forceful one, and noble. Classic bronze symbolizes Jane Rorty firmly guarding Florence traditional process, while impeccably demonstrates the brand’s elegance. The keyhole is with the unknown mystery, not only embodies the brand’s noble and mysterious, but also a symbol of Jane Rorty more possibilities to explore. With this keyhole and a key gateway to the unknown treasures of mankind, it is the world slowly untied drapery Florence modernist art package.

Fashion bags with bacteria

Nowadays, a wide range of bags has become a modern female fashion with essential elements. The beauty of women are very much attention to cleaning the body, face and clothes, but how many people know the side still retain a lot of dead bacteria easily overlooked? This one, we necessarily carry the day beloved bag is an important role.

Bag pollution mainly from two aspects: First, the bag is often placed on various occasions sofas, chairs, tables, etc. above, with the desktop, chairs, and even touch the ground, the most vulnerable to its surface each a wide variety of dirt and bacteria “eye”, especially for a long time without cleaning bag, and cracks in the surface easier to accumulate dust, bacteria and the like. Secondly, the interior of the bag is often contaminated items we throw in a plane, such as keys, cell phone, wallet, paper towels, books, etc., which are often out of things to take into itself with a lot of dirt and bacteria, Over time, the bag has become filth.

Jiaxing, Zhejiang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau leather laboratory staff, said the survey showed that the average one in five bags containing sufficient pathogenic harmful bacteria, including other materials than leather bag package is easier to hide bacteria. Therefore, frequently clean commonly used bag is very necessary.

For leather bag, should regularly clean with leather cleaner, not only decontamination sterilization, but also play a maintenance role of leather, leather making becomes more shiny, extend bag life. When cleaning the inside of the bag can be folded out of the lining throughout, with a small brush and the surface of the lining seam brush clean cloth dipped in detergent and then wipe it again, can be dried. If cotton bag, you can put the inside of the bag turned inside out, then machine wash or scrub with detergent and soap. Per week with a disinfectant wipes to clean the bags and the like which is filled with items in the bag after contact, remember to wash their hands. Usually you can use “bag within a bag” approach to avoid the generation of dead bacteria, such as easily chip off items and liquids, headphones, masks, cosmetics, digital products, books, etc., each fall and then into a small package bag, so not only easy to find and access, but also to bag clean and tidy.

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