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Stringing the bag is popular this year

This seemingly insignificant little circles, has become an important element of popular bags this year. Just give your bag plus a small circle, its degree of fashion absolutely soaring.

Romantic girl Chloé absolutely “concentric circles” staunchest supporters, such as the now popular in the world of Faye is a good example. With this “concentric circles”, Faye bag gas field is completely different. Also popular with the influx of people love CéLINE 2015 Spring Fashion Week show floor there are “concentric circles” style bag debut. Minimalist atmosphere CéLINE when the metal ring against the background of the whole bag texture has been greatly improved, and “sex” style is more significant.

And adhere to the same CéLINE minimalist style Stella McCartney, in autumn and winter 2016 fashion week T stage launched the “concentric circles” bags, soft bag body material and metal rings contrast, the effect of folding the bag a bit like dumplings, with after the metal ring, actually it becomes more interesting. Simon Miller is on a network quietly up the red brand, Mini Bucket Bag Bonsai is its most popular models. Minimalist barrel body with silver metal rings, but no mini although fragile, simple and chic. Slim elegant metal ring is Future Glory features Coupled with tactile leather, even more full texture. Each bag has headed minimalist lines, particularly refined Chu Chen.

Gentle girls took away fashion bags

MM on the test package of fitting room you remember? They shoot “fashion large” in the new century Cabernet counter ELLE mall the second floor, the crowd once attracted many customers, which shows two Matou poser skill.

Meimuqingxiu Wang Yan has a unique gentle southern woman at the scene bluntly, “do not understand fashion,” she, a beige sweater with leopard scarf and knee boots, so that reporters had to respond, “You are too modest friends. “she finally chose a color and a considerable bag of clothes, beige and black stitching make the bag with low-key personality, plus a large flip lock design, so that the girls can reveal soft little whims . Another MM rice balls, has a very typical Japanese girls dressed head is not high, she said:. “Particularly fond of packet” last in front of the camera, she is showing a carry, Kua dual bucket bag, white the above random graffiti background with red, yellow, green, blue several colors, playful yet wild.

Finally, we will award the bag thousand dollars who gets it? From the mailbox poll statistics, Wang Yan votes better, please see Wang Yan reported after contact with the newspaper speed, within a week to the new century shopping malls ELLE Cabernet counter to carry your bags to go home, fails to designate.

Better outlook for China’s Leather Goods

With economic development, people’s living standards improve, the demand for leather products continued to expand, leather goods market outlook grew out of the dawn; With national attention on the leather industry, especially in 2009, the State Council executive meeting ten light leather and other industries as the focus of revitalization.

As new entrants to the market new leather business, first faced trade barriers and the limitations of their own, they have a certain size in terms of Guangzhou leather goods manufacturers to more than 10,000, more small factories, these companies have been leading the market, and on occupy a certain market share, and for consumers to understand and accept. Their wide range of products, different styles, has a large customer base. For new entrants into the business, the challenge is how to develop their own customer base, establish their own brand image, build their own brand loyal support base.

Currently, the demand for leather products has been described by focusing on value, focus turned to the pursuit of low price and quality of product quality, the pursuit of fashion and individuality, consumer brand awareness is growing. In this process of public qualitative change in consumer behavior, most companies do not have the leather industry to adjust their business strategy, brand awareness is not strong, more concerned about the short-term, local interests, unwilling cultivate its own brand to do too much on investment, there is no brand batch of broad public awareness, a little-known number of domestic brands do not pay attention because of the consolidation of maintenance, down from time to brand image.

On the market, production of leather goods manufacturers of similar products produced in a similar style, similar products basically identical, so that competitive advantage is not obvious, but after decades of rapid development, leather products greatly enriched, and even some over-supply, leather goods market saturation state, raw leather goods manufacturers, this is a game of survival.

Trussardi Launched a New Series of Bags

New LOVY bags blend contemporary aesthetics and classic Italian style, exudes innate elegance, redefines the concept of luxury light. The trapezoidal bags excellent selection of leather, decorated with exquisite original details: The new circular design of polished metal Hound Greyhound brand identity, filled with modern, playful, classic buckle brand has innovated interpretation.

New LOVY bags landed on the glass since June 12 LUISAVIAROMA multi-brand luxury boutiques Ms. showcase area, and the brand’s official website and LUISAVIAROMA official website synchronized on-line, an exclusive limited edition.

LUISVIAROMA chosen specifically for Florence Uomo (Pitti Immagine) to create an interactive showcase, the use of innovative interactive technology, allows visitors to immerse in the “Underwater Love” quiet artistic atmosphere, highlighting the efforts LOVY bags signature elements Hound Greyhound brand identity.

European Cup Boosts the Development of Local Economy

European Cup football capital ignite passion. 4-yearly European Cup kicks off in France, known as the second largest after the World Cup soccer sporting event not only attracted the attention of fans, too, it affects the capital market nerves. Football-related event sponsors, beer, household appliances, lottery or stocks will benefit, of course, fund companies will not miss the opportunity to layout.

Held in France in 2016 European Football Championship in full swing. Despite the stock market in the “European Cup curse,” saying that during the event, the stock fell often, but the intraday and sports industry, lottery, beer, soccer tournament partners and other benefit associated with stocks expected to doing well.

According to UEFA’s official website statistics, the current European Cup live audience estimated average per game to reach 147 million cumulative audience of 6.6 billion, China alone there are more than 1.2 billion people watched the current European Cup. Revenue from the European Cup the previous case, the only European Cup in 2012 total revenue amounted to 1.345 billion euros, TV ratings in all the participating countries over 70% of stadium attendance up to 98%.

Letv Bought Land from Yahoo

According to foreign media news, music, as the recently completed acquisition of Yahoo in Santa Clara County, nearly 50 acres of land and will be used to expand R & D and operations in North America.

The land area of 46.6 acres and is nearly 197,000 square meters, for music as spent $ 250 million, the land is allowed to build up to three million square feet of space, enough to accommodate about 12,000 employees work.

As early as 2006, Yahoo bought a piece of land, then bid $ 106 million.
Not long ago, as the combination of the music aspect will formally enter the US market this autumn news, music, as indeed it seems intended to fully enter the North American market, at present, depending on the music already has more than 400 employees in the United States, and plans to reach the scale of thousands of people.

In fact, earlier this year during the American music as CES released a new music phone Max Pro, already revealing signs of overseas markets, but due to the regional sales will encounter many problems, so the domestic mobile phone market is currently the main goal is overseas in Southeast Asia, India and parts of Europe, in the North American market, few outstanding performance.

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