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The new fur bags are full of personality

Into the autumn and winter, how could no fur bag? Fur elements combined in the last few quarters is getting warmer, and more flexible, stitching, dyeing, and lightweight fabrics mix and match other new design techniques, showing multiple luxurious fur outside style. Interesting details and superb technology, to create a distinctive sense of structure of the new fur bags.

Handbag design inspiration, it is a tribute to the legendary life of Princess Diana, these features make it a truly “Princess package.” Clutch boom has been high in recent years, whether it is the daily work easy to carry, also is to attend the party of choice for a single product. Fur Clutch and meet the women for luxury, sexy, personality pursuit.

This season fur from the traditional large extravagant transformed into a variety of small accessories, scarves both grace and pretty for your overall shape against the background of the elegant extravagance beautiful little lady style. How can fewer people hipsters fur, but also emphasizes the fine workmanship, the small size of the OL shoulder bag is your heart love.

Analysis of female fashion bags

A woman’s life can not be without a bag, and a sense of fashionable bags for women provided always say inexhaustible. Even a stylish bag can also reflect the value of fashion, the way to meet the everyday needs of women. For modern life, the bag design has tended to unique and elegant, always make love to each a bag of female devotion. Of course, feel the material is also very important factor. Quality designer bags are always distinctive design of every good factor, so design your own fashion bags dominate every woman’s eye and psychology.

Participate in different activities on different occasions and seasons, is the need to carry different bags. For example, to travel or to participate in training, different worn bag is very obvious need, and must clear their worn commensurate with the additional needs and the environment in harmony, in order to seem reasonable. So in the final analysis is a woman’s bag accessories, is to participate in different activities in different environments, an important component.

The bag is not affordable dress, also can reflect a woman’s fashion sense. From a woman can be seen carrying the bag of her accomplishment and taste. And in the bag market, the number of different design styles always meet in the many tastes and preferences. And as always gorgeous design can be used with the festive mood, the use value of the bag is divided into several classifications embodied.

Nearly 50% Leather Goods are Not Qualified

2015, the Guangzhou City Industry and Commerce Bureau commissioned Guangzhou Quality Supervision and Testing Institute in Guangzhou for circulation sales Pijuxiangbao quality commodities random inspection. 140 samples were taken paragraph 69 manufacturers produce, the test, the sample is judged to be 70 models overall supervision failure, physical quality failure rate of 50%. Failed projects were shaking impact properties, signs, labels, suture strength, harmful decomposable aromatic amine dyes, walking performance, friction color fastness.

Oscillation impact simulation performance after actual use bags each component is subjected to impact action oscillation can maintain its normal performance of an important assessment indicators, the project not only assess rod, straps, handles, and other components of the combination package body side mention fastness, further assessment of the impact strength of these components themselves, but also the overall performance assessment package body fracture properties of fabrics, sewing and crafts. The sampling oscillating impact properties luggage item 68 paragraph unqualified, including Hainiuente Industrial Co. nominally produced 4.1 poise off Walker caster rod box, nominal Nike Sports (China) Co., Ltd. 1 backpack.

Of particular note is that, in this sample, the nominal Huizhou Bo hung handbags Limited production of 1 Daphne Classic – dual-use package, with a nominal production of hot air (1) Investment Co., Ltd. fashion casual shoulder bag, as well as the nominal Guangzhou decomposable aromatic amine dyes harmful Yaweishengpi project with limited production of 4.1 M Yearcon packages and other goods (3) failed. Decomposable aromatic amine dyes are harmful azo dyes under certain conditions, can be dismantled to restore the 20 kinds of carcinogenic aromatic amines, such dyes in the course of prolonged contact with the human body, which are harmful ingredients absorbed through the skin into the body , thus affecting the health of consumers. In addition, the production of “banned azo dyes” in the process will be a lot of sewage, thereby causing serious environmental pollution. (3) The product has been detected while shaking impact performance of the project failed.

Aftersales Service of Luxury Goods

Similar to the big watch warranty only movement, the only big luxury bags hardware accessories warranty commitments within a year or two. According to Fendi, Chanel, Prada and other luxury bags counter clerk, since the main body of the bag is a consumable part of the cortex, it is easy to be worn or discolored, it is not covered under warranty, the counter does not provide bags maintenance services. Zipper, twist locks and other hardware accessories breakage warranty only serious quality problems caused by normal use of the hardware can not fade warranty.

If more than a short period of 1–2-year warranty, the consumer should pay for the high maintenance costs. A Fendi clerk said that if more than one year of hardware accessories warranty period, consumers own expense. At the same time, consumers need to provide a purchase receipt Fendi, “This is only able to determine the authenticity of the certificate bag, if not provided, the service can not be provided by Fendi.” And overseas, to identify the authenticity is the responsibility of the clerk of the luxury brand, as long as the employee can be determined to be authentic after repair or replacement. Some luxury brands also provide an opportunity for a free repair to consumers.

Most consumers feel helpless luxury may still serious quality problems after repairs at their own expense. Jaeger-LeCoultre Watches in newspaper exposure and warranty clerk refused to sell the non-original strap while another declined to be named to the Beijing Daily reporter consumers complained they buy a Cartier watch to wear less than a year to appear screw off quality problems, since not covered under warranty, repairs have to spend 6000 yuan, did not expect after repair screws and fall off. “The clerk explained to us, Cartier watches are handmade, screws may come off more easily.”

In addition to Cartier, Prada, Gucci, Hermes and other front-line big-name luxury goods are landed quality sampling throughout Heibang or consumer complaints to the Consumers Association. Some netizens joked, if you buy a Prada bag a year, the zipper not bad, LOGO did not fall, did not open the line, did not fade, which can prove that you buy is fake.

Nearly Half Products are Sold in Less than Half Price

After receiving the news, “Securities” reporter first time to view the information aspects of trust, brokerage and raised funds subsidiary companies working with Yawei public disclosure found in the available performance information, Yawei Resources Trust Series the first half of the situation is not optimistic.

Resources Trust official website show the letter Phi, was established in April 20, 2015 · China Resources Trust No. 1 one thousand closing Bauhinia Capital Trust scheme, the performance of the past six months the growth rate of -6.5%. Founded in January 15, 2016 China Resources Trust No. 4 · Yun Feng Capital Trust scheme, the performance of the past six months the growth rate is zero.

And comprehensive public information and official website of China Resources Trust Fund Industry Association, Yawei and Resources Trust issued three main fund products, which in addition to the above two, there just this month filed an asterisk * Wide Resources Trust Capital Trust 2 program (temporarily no performance). In addition, under Zijin No. 1 products, including seven Grand series of sub-fund (A-G are named on the product). Third-party platform private line network organization department, told reporters, such sub-fund is mainly invested parent fund, general fund performance associated with the parent, or lower than the parent fund performance.

Tencent 2016 “Internet + Health” Summit

The forum mainly around the new stage of “medical Internet +” layout, discusses the development path of new medical service mode under “Internet +” era of Internet technology and medical bound.

The event, Tencent Ding Ke, vice president pointed out that “Internet +” core of the future need to grab three points: First, the “Internet +” mainline opportunity that can not be effective integration, and can evoke enough demand; Second, trust ; Third, the real skill.

Dingke further stressed that “Internet + medical care” is a vast field, people’s health requirements are increasingly high demand there, as companies build efficient integration of the “Internet + medical” product or platform appeared, user’s G spot is ignited at any time possible.

For trust, he said, do “Internet + health” and do WeChat different routines, health and human life a close relationship between patients and doctors need to establish mutual trust on the basis of understanding, to make it more conducive to patient decision making. “There is a need to transform the culture, with the help of Internet users need to do a lot of basic work.”

Dingke also revealed that solve customer problems need to rely on real skills, real skills they need to enhance the integration process. Tencent attempt to do three key points, one connection, one is to build trust, one is open to integration.

It is understood that in March this year, Tencent officially announced the launch of “Proton love medicine” strategy, currently contains three parts: Intelligent Terminal – Sugar doctor, doctors platform – Teng love doctors, internet banking – health insurance. Its strategic vision is to open up the hospital, medical, financial security path, forming a “health Internet +” new service model.

Tencent said, had carried it in Guizhou “Internet + health” Exploring the current per capita number of measuring blood glucose has been upgraded to 6.5 times / month, the overall rate of blood glucose increased to 56%. “There is that Guizhou has a progressive external promotion replication stage. As planned and may be extended by the rhythm of Guizhou province.” Teng love medical project leader Wu Bo said.

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