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New models of cooperation luggage

Genial sunshine urged to find a better pace, Kipling (Kay Pu Lin) intimate travel bag packaging carrying excited for women who want to bring the music to a wonderful holiday. In the upcoming Mother’s Day, warm heart for the mothers to send a monkey leisurely warm gifts, funny and full of joy and add more warmth.

This season, designers from South Africa Heidi Chisholm will Kipling (Pu Kai Lin) bags into the rich and warm African elements, HEIDI CHISOLM cooperation style series of bags will surely delight women who want to explore the journey of discovery of the note full of new life.

The new basic travel series African culture and modern culture perfect fusion of vibrant and bright colors, unique creative mixed colors, prints with Kipling bags strong return home function, definitely fun in the election season indispensable. With the series, we will launch a special co-operation models Heidi Chisholm. Kipling (Pu Kai Lin) hand fabric artists Heidi Chisholm build Kipling logo paragraph Art M & S, a small monkey bags pattern for the protagonist, merrily strolling and shopping in Marrakech market, pleasant screen so that everyone will look after the issue heart smile. Series continues the basic upgrade Kipling (Pu Kai Lin) has always been casual and practical style, classic wrinkle nylon fabric, metal zipper details and accessories set, changing shape. Delicate little monkey with color printing Logo, low-key in flash with Kipling (Pu Kai Lin) high on texture and color crayon shades of beautiful bags.

Mysterious relationship between women and bags

This classic handbags are timeless incarnation of pure perfection, giving the ultimate experience in fashion’s fleeting never fade. It is pampered luxury, is also dedicated to a loved one’s affection.

This package is designed for VIP, and VIP counter only accepts reservations, reservations will not be able to buy, but do not want to immediately take away from the counter, and other half can not get, unless you’re a superstar.

This unique handbag, called the reflecting timeless masterpiece Dior couture spirit. Beige lambskin tote bag, large size, decorated with classic rattan Plaid “Cannage” stitching. Equipped with handles can be portable.

From the early Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton suitcase to now annual Paris T stage constantly changing LV fashion show, Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton has always been able to stand in the international fashion industry to the top position in the list of proud home of luxury brands, in its own unique brand DNA. To luxury LV bags known enough to make the classic tradition to the world! Glossy patent leather LV leather material coupled with printing, revealing elegant modern contemporary, sleek crisp contouring make Baoshen excellent elegant lines, this package with luxury fashion make full!

Innovation makes people love your brand

Classic chain bag How will l do not want to explain too much, as there must be a little black dress in your closet, in your shoe there will be double-pointed high-heeled shoes in general. The reason why many women love fashion chain bag in addition to good-looking, and it was probably half the chain elements brought tough semi sexy temperament attracted. Throughout the spring and summer 2016 Fashion Week show, and seems to have a little “sex” affected by wind, which shares chain bag trend has swept off again, of course, the designers will not play from the old trick, but rather thin chain amplification, a more straightforward manner presented. “Meteor Hammer” package starting from Alexander Wang (Alexander Wang) chain, will this big Renge elements into his last show at Balenciaga (Balenciaga) in.

Then Burberry – Bag Po Song (Burberry Prorsum), Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton), Mani (Marni) and other women in the show have also seen crude chain of the package. No delicate graceful beauty of the chain of the kind, handsome tough whether crude chain bag also make you successful grass it? Poster series compiled according to the size of the chain also packages for you to do a practical division and also recommend you buy some bags single product, taking advantage of the New Year approaching, chop hand also buy them!

The smaller bag beyond seems to have become the favorite of a popular trend, cute mini size not only exquisite but also easy to carry. Plus began to spread from the T station chain elements into the design of the bag, then let this small bag a little tough and handsome. Of course you can also speak as a mini clutch bag to match the chain on the bag wrapped to the wrist, just to be fashionable to fly.

2017 New Styles Lady Bags from Dior

Cruise series in 2017, Dior Lady will travel as the source of its inspiration. Her bracelets clever pondering different materials and colors, ebony, leather, enamel, precious stones and metals are superimposed, combined into a stunning overall. Zebra and giraffe prints with a series inspired echoed more precious wild animal patterns pay tribute to Mr. Dior Dior.

Today, Dior Dior girl daring mix of different patterns, as game ideas like a new interpretation of its variety of handbags. She sometimes shoulder red, white or khaki oversized pockets, sometimes Shoulin black alligator or python skin Diorever tricolor bags. Classic Lady Dior handbag in orange or black leather as a material, covered with checkered pattern and the iconic vine with wide straps. Clamshell handbag embellishment “CD” word, then decorate shopping bags unique hunting prints, and catwalks sets and decorative echoed this series. In order to make the profile even more unique type of cell, she also with sea-blue color, Khaki with high-heeled shoes or boots in black with gold soles.

Why Do Rumors About Food Security Win the Market?

Rumors abound, while seriously damaging the healthy development of China’s food industry, or even for specific product devastating blow. In the dairy industry, for example, over the years, every so often, there will be some rumors out repeatedly against the public’s confidence in China’s dairy industry, the loss efforts made by all parties concerned whom. On the other hand, rumors also let people often harbor distrust, habitually in anxiety, fear, anxiety situation.

Although the parties have repeatedly hit the food safety network strong rumor, is committed to enhancing public awareness of consumption levels, industry leaders and some even swear to prove innocence from each of the offerings of the way, however, the practical effect does not seem obvious. So, why so much food safety rumor market?

First, people believe rumors, transfer rumors, and the level of consumer awareness, but also with asymmetric information when faced with food safety related. In the current situation of the rapid development of the food industry, new technologies, new ingredients with each passing day, there is no ability to distinguish the general public, they are difficult to get food to eat every day to understand what will not be harmful, not to mention the food, even have a negative impact, often We need a longer period of time it may reflect a higher degree of difficulty to distinguish. As a result, people Language “dubious” between, but to take the attitude of “prefer to believe them” in order to protect themselves.

Blue Cursor Makes Cooperation with Tencent

Blue cursor digital marketing agency CEO Jiao Long said at the signing ceremony that the development of mobile Internet marketing industry has had a profound impact. Traditional focus on aftermarket, consumer satisfaction and loyalty as the core objective of CRM gradually to the insight, touch up, acquire, maintain, lifecycle management transformation of the consumer. But communication channels diversification and fragmentation, consumer multi-dimensional data is difficult to unity, we have increased the difficulty of the enterprise for effective customer relationship management.

Enterprises rely on Tencent Tencent point powerful social platform and data resources to enable enterprises to easily manage customer information, anytime, anywhere to connect with customers, in order to promote social interaction and enterprise customers through effective customer relationship management to help enterprises to enhance their performance. Blue cursor half point Tencent willing to work together to be in the era of digital marketing company offers more valuable customer relationship management services.

Blue cursor set up 20 years, has always believed that only in-depth insight into the marketing trends in order to provide better customer service. Based on in-depth development of precision marketing in the digital age, more and more companies began to use big data to provide strategic marketing support and consumer-management as the core of CRM is becoming the company’s marketing hub. When the blue cursor-based insight on this trend, from 2013 Intelligent Marketing clear strategic direction since, began the layout in CRM services. Relying on aspects of the accumulation of data, technology, resources, and now has a full-service customer relationship management system capabilities to customers, including strategic consulting, system construction, integration and optimization, data mining and analysis, latent customer identification and acquisition, relying on precise touch of DMP system solutions based digital marketing contacts, terminal sales promotion, customer loyalty club, represented by maintenance of multi-level professional services.

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