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Bulgari (Bvlgari) released a new 2016 spring and summer accessories

Bulgari (Bulgari) in Bulgari Hotels released a new 2016 spring and summer accessories. The same day, Kunling wear Bulgari (Bulgari) series of fine jewelry earrings and rings, Diva series bracelet elegant appearance. Retro styling with a new flip shoulder bag and full sense of style sunglasses, highlighting the modern fashion femininity. Freaky Kunling exhibition site from time to time to try new sections of handbags, these new works of love was palpable.

New season series unique, full of modern, bold re-interpretation of the concept of the brand’s iconic style and details. Bulgari designers draw inspiration from the gorgeous gemstone variety of colors in order to show the King prosperity spring and summer accessories series: pink and lemon yellow to show vitality, purple and cream color representative of soothing mood. Luxury handbags, scarves and fine personality atmospheric sunglasses are a new way to interpret two iconic Bulgari Series: Serpenti and Bulgari-Bulgari.

After New Products, a late summer night cocktail party kicked off in Bulgari Hotels gorgeous colorful garden. Stefano Tonchi “W” magazine, director of cross-border fashionistas Olivier Zahm, fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, international supermodel Caroline Vreeland, Germany Royal Highness Princess Lily zu Sayn Wittgenstein Berleburg, actress Nathalie Rapti Gomez and “Vogue” Italy Fashion Editor Candela Novembre and other international fashion celebrities attended the event. Meanwhile, the site also prepared music (The Street Clerks) and the famous magician David Jarre performances. Milly De Mori charm made arrangements DJ let VIPs enjoy pleasure moments.

Bags fashion does not require gender

In 2013 MAMA Awards, won the “Best Singer”, “Best Male Artist”, “Best Male Singer Dance Performance,” “Best Music Video” award. April 20, 2013 launch of the new song “Crazy GO” MV, the Quben is GD for the first time individual world tour creation, the original user only to the fans and Line participatory concert, but for the majority of fans decided to change the original plan, MV will be completely open.

2013 organized the first World Tour “2013 G-DRAGON WORLD TOUR” ONE OF A KIND “”, on March 30 kicked off in Seoul, after a three-month time 25 games were held in 13 cities in eight countries performances. The release concert live album on September 3, contains a total of 13 songs.

Korea day mission bigbang Quan Zhilong captain by virtue of his high popularity gained J.estina handbags 2014 spokesman, and a group of large fashion shoot for the brand, as the tip of the Korean Fashionable.

How to identify leather material

It is mainly made from animal hide of work. Leather first layer of skin and the second layer of skin into two categories. First layer of skin is directly processed by a variety of animals from the original skin, or thicker cortex after cows, pigs, horses and other animal skins epilation cut each into two layers, the upper portion of the fiber is organized into various head layer of skin. Second layer of skin is a two-part loose fibrous tissue, and by chemical materials sprayed or covered with PVC, PU film processing.

High-grade leather, price and grade of no less than before the first layer of the dermis. Distinguish between first layer and second layer of skin is an effective method of longitudinal section View Chapi fiber density. First layer of skin by a thin, dense fibrous layer and a closely linked together a little loose over layer composition, with good strength, elasticity and plasticity characteristics of technology. Second layer of skin only loose fibrous tissue layer, only after the spraying of chemical raw materials or polishing can be used to make leather products, it maintains a certain natural elasticity and plasticity characteristics of technology, but the strength is poor, the first layer of the same thickness requirements Like skin.

Most people would leather synthetic leather other than such as: PVC, PU leather collectively referred to as leather or imitation leather, but the manufacturing process of the two products are not the same. PU leather in the manufacturing process more complicated, due to the PU base fabric tensile strength is good canvas PU material, in addition to the above may be coated on the outer base fabric, base fabric may also be contained in the middle, so that no outside view in the end the existence of the cloth. Good physical properties of PU leather, resistant to twists and turns, good flexibility, tensile strength, breathability.

Maple Shopping Bag from Mulberry

Maple Design is a simple, classic and practical shopping bag. Thick reinforced its exquisite leather handbag shape texture, place heavy objects even in a handbag, can remain elegant lines. Maple bags are particularly suitable for high line carrying a laptop, a tablet computer, magazines and paper.

And other classic handbag different, Maple external bag has a removable small hand bag, hand bag can put some small necessities. When not using the whole bag can be disassembled external handbag. Maple is a bi-functional handbag commuter handbag.

Maple handbags to busy office workers for design inspiration. The same work is very busy Mulberry creative director Johnny Coca see Maple within five minutes after it affirmed.

Johnny indicates: “Maple handbags beauty lies in its functionality – simple exterior is no lack of fine detail, no extra design, easy to use, lets you carry everything you want to take something every day; handbags size also happens to accommodate A4 size document .Maple handbags and laptops simultaneously provide two kinds of ways bag – top handle and removable shoulder strap, so you may need to adjust in addition, the front detachable small hand bag handbag more convenient, early in the morning to carry small hand bag go out to buy coffee, then you do not need to put the whole bag out to the streets and everything. “

Promotional Sample of Food Security

Recently, reporters learned that the 2016 National Food Safety Awareness Week launch ceremony of the Ministry of Commerce theme day was held in Hefei, Anhui, construction effect retrospective exhibition organized by Meat year. Weihai with Shanghai, Ningbo and other five cities Meat traceability building experience as a typical performance by the Ministry of Commerce to promote the show at the event.

During Food Safety Awareness Week this year, the Commerce Department will be “retrospective look at the wholesale segment” as the theme, carried out a series of promotional activities to experience. Weihai is typical in the fifth only selected pilot cities, the participating leaders and representatives of the rate of progress and implementation of the traceability chain Weihai City come from behind cover all key nodes full coverage, full coverage of the area and spoke highly innovative features .

Meat flow back as the fifth pilot city, Weihai adhere to a high starting point positioning, high standards start, completed a business research, program development, procurement tenders and other preparatory work, on progress in the forefront of the same batch of cities, work is also showing some highlights: emphasis on strengthening organizational leadership, active and innovative construction ideas, and the combination of food safety, traceability to promote the production and circulation modernization.

Fast Taxi Calling Service from Didi

China Merchants Bank will be the lead arranger drops $ 2.5 billion syndicated loan, and pieces of Chinese life for a long debt investment of 2 billion yuan. Even so, the actual total bit round of financing of up to $ 7.3 billion.

The official said the current round of financing funds will be used to upgrade technology platform, big data development and operation, enhance the user experience, to further expand domestic and foreign markets and new business and so on. Up to now, the company drops callable capital has reached approximately $ 10.5 billion.

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday by bit to get $ 4.5 billion financing, Didi side said no comment. Today morning only confirmed the news. Didi travelers have been looking for a strategic investor, Liu Qing, president has said that the new round of financing is not over yet, funds have been raised over 3.5 billion US dollars.

Before this round of financing, Didi has Guoshuo large sums of financing records. In September 2015, it announced the completion of drops of more than $ 3 billion in financing. In May this year, Apple has been on drops $ 1 billion strategic investment, the single largest investment drops received so far.

Didi was founded in 2012, the platform currently has 300 million registered users, nearly 15 million registered drivers, which includes a plurality of vertical field of travel services, car rental, limousine, shuttle, ride, on behalf of driving, buses, and other enterprise-class and test drive.

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