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The new Prada handbags held by pop stars

The new Prada handbags touted 10,004 so you have a Devil Wears Prada star models who have a new prey, the new flowers bag has become the fashion models walking on the waves of stars blitz. In Prada classic models based on the bag front rows were scattered nailed three-dimensional shape of flowers, distinctive design for only $ 10,004 you can have the same product with the star, does not sound elusive.

Miuccia Prada quarterly will surprise us! The launch of the Prada Floral flowers very amazing package. Package material will still be calfskin, classic inverted triangle enamel Prada label is also essential, high-capacity three inner bag can meet the needs of OL. Shoulin double handle adding a sense of competence, but also to the people playful flowers convey a cute little woman pack owner side. The price of 10,004 yuan is very pertinent, presumably there have been many “Monster” were belligerent in the bar!

Freaky step Miranda recently Jessica Alba and Lily Allen’s footsteps, becoming a recently photographed carrying this bag flowers star. Red rose with large scarves and quilted Balenciaga leather short paragraph, full gas field. In contrast Jessica Alba is a lot of low-key, pure white shirt outside the ride long black leather vest, black leather boots foot print leggings, clean, simple, simple design to this flower bag side exposed. Pregnant Lily Allen wearing a navy blue long section warm woolen coat, in order to keep the overall shape too mediocre carry on this hot bag pocketed popularity. The new Prada Floral bags such a high frequency which shows the stars leave its affection. This Prada handbag is already a classic, now use hit color flowers modified so that the original walking route Prada dress add a touch of cute sense, also reminiscent of spring flowers in the winter with the most appropriate, however. This could also be the influx of people braved the risk still insist Zhuangshan reason it out and destroyed it.

2016 spring and summer fashion bags

The election of the popular models, check the season’s hottest colors from you to be a perfect fashionista short of a distance.

Fashion is neither a pile of brand-name, nor what is to catch all wearing. Upper and lower body accumulation of brand names, it is the local tyrant pies, we do not imitate. With decent fashion, ultimately finishing touch accessories, bag is one of them.

2015 spring and summer, the popular Japanese-style bag filled with a wave of nostalgia: the resurrection of the 1970s style, fringed with national air bag will certainly hot. Take a look at the Japanese fashionistas are given on how to bag foil your fashion sense.

Special ways to buy luxury leather goods

In a large state-owned enterprises work appearance Li (pseudonym) recently learned from a friend, there are special channels from the domestic counter genuine luxury brand to get all bags, wallets, belts, etc., the purchase price is also cheaper than foreign stores. Under the heart, she did not hesitate to buy himself a Burberry shoulder bag, while her husband bought a Gucci briefcase, the price is cheaper than the domestic counter more than half, a lot cheaper than purchasing overseas.

Reporters from Lee looks forward to see the product information, products cover multiple brands Prada, Gucci, Burberry, Coach, MK et al., To purses, wallets majority. For example, a Prada bag chain price 2200 yuan, reporters from a number of overseas purchasing online search, similar inclusive offer ranging in 3000-6000 yuan.

“I put the bags and been compared, leather, printing from Europe brought back the same, must be true.” Lee believes his appearance buy the real thing. When she did not share the information with friends. The special channel Why? Lee looks reluctant disclosed.

With the channel bought a Burberry shoulder bag Deng Yan (a pseudonym) had a different view. “I think you pay for texture package was really good. But the package comes with warranty card can not be used, and so cheap, can not be entirely legitimate, right?”

Are Your Bags Bought Online Real?

80 Liang Chen spoke with a peculiar rational science students, “dentist doing that for 10 months, I see a lot of patients are luxury lovers, but also began to understand that I had from them luxury goods in the domestic market is so large and luxury but still identify gaps in the field, the development prospects are promising, although doctors work stable, but many number of employees, and has been the Chinese luxury goods appraisers luxury industry a blank page, our work is in fact the creation of a standard system. “Chen Liang said,” for me, everything is blank, from luxury brand models, market, price, style has been to brand culture, change and so on, bluntly just re-read it the same university. ” And now Chen Liang, the industry has become a good appraiser.

“Sometimes in this business will encounter many wonderful thing, if you say which channels most prone to fake luxury goods, gifts absolutely ‘hardest hit’,” Chen Liang has more than once encountered a luxury to take in the identification process guests can not face the consignment sent a fake situation, “especially among the kind of gift the couple often met there girl holding bags boyfriend to consignment, we identified is the result of counterfeit goods, most girls will start accusing us know anything, but after listening to our explanation analysis, generally convinced of. ”

Dry identified a long time, Liang Chen and colleagues whenever you want to hear the customer from the consignment of goods is a gift between friends, will hit in the heart of a question mark, “Some may think that female customers identify fake face embarrassing, even in front of our face to face her boyfriend called up question came after the boy began confidently, but also with a small ticket to buy luxury goods, said to be the best buddy care from foreign counter to buy, can not be fake. I remember it was a LV bag, the bag from the serial number can determine the first three months of 2014, production could bring this little boy has shown ticket is purchased in 2013, this fake identity package also clear. “

Share Experiences on Food Security

Yuanjiacun Liquan haze town in Shaanxi province, the reporter noted slogan is drill – “Farmers defend food safety.” In this town, every village cadres are food safety supervisors, each in charge of a street, inspected once a day. Yuanjiacun dealers are all farmers wrote a solemn commitment to food safety, and made into a plaque hung in conspicuous places.

Now, yuanjiacun are reaping the benefits of food safety: where 400 million tourists every year, equivalent to the population size of a medium-sized city; selling bean curd brain Cao uncle, a year gross income have 860,000 yuan; “Fentang sheep “operators Dongfang Mei, a year gross income of 300 million.

Food chain length, involving many links, which ring loopholes, will bring disaster to the upstream and downstream food safety, which need to bear the main responsibility for food safety, honesty and trustworthiness of the producers, regulators also need perspicacious. Incorrigible, serious illegal operators, regulators in respect of “red card”, through the implementation of a permanent market exclusion, for conscience businesses make space for development.

This year CCTV “3.15” party exposure “Hungry Why” network platform unlicensed black workshop and other issues, caused by consumer fears. Not long ago, “it was hungry,” announced the progress of the rectification: internet daily registered business 2116, 677 have been eliminated, the elimination rate of over 30%. “Hungry Why” not because the problem was exposed and drained, active rectification in exchange for more confidence, daily internet orders recently for the first time exceeded 500 million.

Internet+ Smart City Based on Recent Reported Data

Report data is big main areas of Internet and related departments to complete the preparation of official data, visually reflects the past year, “Internet +” strategy in 351 cities nationwide by the case of floor-based Tencent Research Institute.

“Internet + index” total divided into four sections, one base plate, the second is the industrial sector, the third is entrepreneurship and innovation, four are smart city. In the “Internet + Foundation” provincial sub-index rankings, Guangdong round lead, infrastructure and technology infrastructure market are significantly ahead of the other provinces, “Internet + base” sub-index accounted for nearly one-fifth of the country. In addition, the second and third tier cities, “Internet +” market-based development speed fully catch up with first-tier cities, as “Internet +” the fastest growing market-based group.
“Internet + industry” development, north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen round lead. Guangdong, Beijing into two main peaks, the country basically showing East West Industrial terrain. Areas of development in the retail, finance, healthcare, education earlier four traditional industries, accumulation of deep, “Internet +” index and high degree of convergence of traditional industry metrics.
“Internet + innovation and entrepreneurship”, the Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai ranked the top three in the country’s 31 provinces ranked in the Midwest inland cities brisk performance. In addition, the “Internet +” are advancing low frequency, just to be pain points of large areas of people’s livelihood. Education, health care is likely taking over power, game, O2O in the next few years, become a flashpoint mobile Internet innovation and entrepreneurial activity.
“Internet + smart city” development model presented jointly by a number of core cities, municipalities, provincial capitals, cities and other regional centers model driven development pattern. Guangdong to the “Shenzhen, Guangzhou,” double center, and a national “Internet + smart city” floor leader. Midwest and small cities show strong development vitality. Public access mobile internet to become an important channel for public services. From the breadth and depth of services, the traffic management / Vehicle, health care, immigration, travel, infrastructure “Internet +” level is higher than other areas, users of social security, provident fund, tax depth “Internet +” high voice.

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