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GIVENCHY LC new bag List

French luxury brand Givenchy’s LC line, recently released a set of recent bag styles. In the latest release of this bag does not seem to find the Givenchy usual flamboyant style, but showing a high-end fashion style ably. Occasionally appear on the printed Givenchy bag, but the presentation of the style is more restrained. These single product will be on sale this year in December. These bags are more neutral, both men and women said. Men and women can mention it really makes general.

The whole bag curves are relatively simple, so it is destined to be born wild. Black bag more significant temperament, but also with the more prominent men’s suit with taste, so that this bag is very worthwhile to start a bag.

Black and white stitching the collision of a fashion minimalist temperament, with this white stitching, the whole bag showing a very atmospheric fashion sense, the whole small bag sewn large bag of whole profile of children are is very refined and elegant, it reflects a sense of quality.

Let this bag printing into the full breath of spring, and the whole profile of the printing style bags are more atmospheric. This bag is called the clean clothes maps, flowers are blooming, butterfly collecting nectar, prosperity and vitality of the scene makes you more relaxed and happy.

Fashion bags with bacteria

Nowadays, a wide range of bags has become a modern female fashion with essential elements. The beauty of women are very much attention to cleaning the body, face and clothes, but how many people know the side still retain a lot of dead bacteria easily overlooked? This one, we necessarily carry the day beloved bag is an important role.

Bag pollution mainly from two aspects: First, the bag is often placed on various occasions sofas, chairs, tables, etc. above, with the desktop, chairs, and even touch the ground, the most vulnerable to its surface each a wide variety of dirt and bacteria “eye”, especially for a long time without cleaning bag, and cracks in the surface easier to accumulate dust, bacteria and the like. Secondly, the interior of the bag is often contaminated items we throw in a plane, such as keys, cell phone, wallet, paper towels, books, etc., which are often out of things to take into itself with a lot of dirt and bacteria, Over time, the bag has become filth.

Jiaxing, Zhejiang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau leather laboratory staff, said the survey showed that the average one in five bags containing sufficient pathogenic harmful bacteria, including other materials than leather bag package is easier to hide bacteria. Therefore, frequently clean commonly used bag is very necessary.

For leather bag, should regularly clean with leather cleaner, not only decontamination sterilization, but also play a maintenance role of leather, leather making becomes more shiny, extend bag life. When cleaning the inside of the bag can be folded out of the lining throughout, with a small brush and the surface of the lining seam brush clean cloth dipped in detergent and then wipe it again, can be dried. If cotton bag, you can put the inside of the bag turned inside out, then machine wash or scrub with detergent and soap. Per week with a disinfectant wipes to clean the bags and the like which is filled with items in the bag after contact, remember to wash their hands. Usually you can use “bag within a bag” approach to avoid the generation of dead bacteria, such as easily chip off items and liquids, headphones, masks, cosmetics, digital products, books, etc., each fall and then into a small package bag, so not only easy to find and access, but also to bag clean and tidy.

Wanna buy leather goods made in italy

Italian production of imported olive oil, wine, and other foreign goods Pijuxiangbao, will debut on CCISF held on May 28. May 24, Chongqing Chinese Commercial News reporters Cong Yu and Qia Hui Organizing Committee was informed that this will be specifically set CCISF Italian Pavilion, Italian medicine, environmental protection, logistics, industry and other fields of 12 companies participating in the future Chongqing a large number of products will be manufactured in Italy direct Chongqing.

Italian Consul General in Chongqing said the extraordinary horse, will hold the “first Italian Industry Cooperation Forum” during CCISF. At present, the Italian auto parts manufacturers in Liangjiang New Area plans to build factories, mainly for the production of Fiat and Iveco vehicles to provide supporting parts.

In addition, the German Pavilion will also raised concerns on CCISF. Organizing committee sources, will be held during the CCISF “Intelligent Manufacturing German Cooperation Forum”, will focus on the German Industry 4.0 China 2025, Chongqing promote industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing planning and initiatives, Germany Intelligent Manufacturing Automation Status and Research and other topics in-depth discussion. At the same time, nearly 40 foreign institutions and business representatives of the German Federal Department of Trade and Investment, the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology CCID Institute, Germany KUKA Robotics Corporation, Siemens and other companies also will gather in Chongqing, share intelligent manufacturing experiences and opportunities.

UCC International Laundry Investment

Clothing repair and ironing services. In the past, people are going to repair clothes change clothes tailor, but with tailor gradually be eliminated, only consumers are turning to the dry cleaners. In addition, in order to make more type of clothes to wear longer, many consumers will deliberately put the clothes for dry cleaners ironing.

Leather repair and maintenance projects. Leather care and maintenance believe everyone is familiar with, usually shoeshine wipe the leather can be counted as basic care and maintenance of leather, good leather care and maintenance will undoubtedly make use of longer leather. Although most dry cleaners leather itself provide repair and maintenance, but in fact most are not professional. If you want to do leather repair and maintenance, not only professional equipment also requires professional skills, the operator may wish to try.

Dry cleaners to join on key profit growth of more than just UCC dry cleaners to join part of the chain of investment advisers recommend. Dry cleaners franchisees want to increase profits dry cleaners to join, we should be good income and reduce expenditure, the throttling effect is limited after all, the franchisee should focus on open source. Open source is to expand the business side, which requires investors to dry cleaners in the usual run of good at that, and found that consumer demand for customers to solve, not only earned a reputation also made money, why not do both things?

With the rapid development of modern economy, people’s lives in the dry cleaning industry also plays an extremely important role, and will continue to expand in the future profit margins and demand for services. So now investment in the dry cleaning industry is a good business choice, UCC dry but you can not miss the hot investment!

The Rapid Growth of Garlic in Xuzhou

On June 17 from Xuzhou Exit Inspection and Quarantine was informed by a new round of garlic prices soared impact, as of June 15, Xuzhou garlic in reducing the number of exports, the value increased by 43.1%, reaching US $ 177 million. The first half of the city’s garlic exports nearly $ 200 million.

Affected by many factors, and last year cut garlic dealers hoarding, etc., from the end of last year, garlic prices continue to rise, the current price of garlic has reached the highest price in four years. Xuzhou Exit Inspection and Quarantine as “Pizhou garlic export quality and safety demonstration area” and provincial demonstration base, strengthen management at the source, to help guide companies through the gap of good agricultural practices certification, and by regulating pesticide chemical inputs management to ensure product detecting pesticide standards, making garlic successfully exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America and other countries. In addition, the council also explore the establishment of a government regulation, business automation, inspection and quarantine inspection to verify the “trinity” of garlic export inspection and quarantine supervision model, to ensure the safety and quality of the premise, to achieve the snapshot export garlic quick release, a strong impetus to Xuzhou export-oriented economic development.

On June 16, the official assessment confirmed that the Ministry of Agriculture of Indonesia, Xuzhou Inspection and Quarantine Technology Center has become China’s second company to receive official recognition of Indonesia’s food safety laboratory.

Indonesia is a major market in Jiangsu Province and Xuzhou City, garlic exports, accounting for the province’s total garlic exports nearly 80%. Since February 17 this year, Indonesia asked to enter the 103 kinds of plant-derived food and agricultural products in the country must be Indonesia’s food safety system certification, or is accompanied by Indonesian security certification laboratory test report issued. Since China has not yet become Indonesia’s official national certification system, so fresh food and agricultural products exported to Indonesia Indonesia must be accredited laboratory, before customs clearance. After the implementation of new regulations in Indonesia, the Indonesian province of export enterprises need to produce shipped to Qingdao detected, it will affect the clearance rate also increases operating costs.

Online Internet Recycling Circle

As we all know, the courier industry rapid development of the electricity business contributed, according to statistics, around 60% of the express industry business from electricity suppliers, the main business of private courier companies, the electricity supplier orders than even more than eighty percent, courier services leveraging electricity supplier after rapid bigger and stronger, the electricity supplier has become the express industry a “double-edged sword”, it is precisely because of this, the express industry is facing “is wait for me,” the transformation pressure, blindly rely on electricity providers, can only make yourself the road gets narrower.

Faced with this grim form, Prime Minister Lee proposed the “Internet Express” strategy to speed up the delivery and manufacturing linkage, express and strengthen the cohesion of the overall transportation system, broaden the scope of the express industry, open up a new direction of development. Changes in the environment, only seize the opportunity to seize opportunities, meet challenges, in order to better foothold in the fierce market competition.

Facing the new situation, rhyme delivery as the industry giant, to seize this opportunity, especially its chairman Nieteng Yun made great efforts to build strategic “Internet Express” ecosystem, that is technology-driven, in order to build express core, covered car goods distribution, warehouse distribution, cloud facilitate cross-border logistics, intelligent courier cabinets and characteristics of agricultural extension services for the content ecosystem. Rhyme Express is a courier, logistics, e-commerce distribution and warehousing services as one of the express delivery companies, has nearly a hundred distribution centers, tens of thousands of outlets, in order to further improve service quality, in particular the implementation of this year, “Cheng (orange) Connaught up “strategy, committed the day before 24 o’clock courier embrace parts, at 24 o’clock the next day before the completion of receipt. Rhyme delivery responsible person pointed out that rhyme delivery to optimize product structure, improve the user experience, only to meet the different needs of different consumers.

In the “Internet” strategy of continuous distillation of the moment, to strengthen their own “Internet” into a priority, the face of such fierce competition and rapidly changing market environment, who can quickly express delivery of business data and make operational data, who will become the courier industry new ways of developers, who will also gain a firm foothold in the new environment. Future “leader” title will be who gets the express industry, let us wait and see!

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