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2014 new men’s fashion bags with totally black colour

Recently, Stroble released a stylish black leather bag. In this group of new varieties of leather with a very strong lineup. A variety of personalized Boston bags, briefcases, handbags, fashion trends next year have showed the whole briefcase. These bags all-black, simple shape, so simple that even a little monotonous, but it does undeniably the most wild, most powerful. So soft, simple and elegant, bags and use either work or weekend trips are obvious choice.

This bag combines two functionality, since portable, but also carrying a single room. With nostalgic texture and metal buckle, and instantly improve the taste of the whole bag. Soft texture, but also greatly improves the texture of the whole bag.

This bag continuation of the classic briefcase traditional style, in the traditional style based on texture emphasize this embodiment, fine leather, with a bit of glossy leather, this bag make the look more texture. Not casual wear more classic minimalist styling.

This bag is too simple, naked physique could not find any fine details, this bag can also get good reviews, the most important thing is to look at the quality of the leather, the quality of the leather is pulling the whole bag of taste. Large capacity models, more practical.

Florence fashion bags Jane Rorty

Some people say that the luxury fashion, eye-catching, dazzling Quartet; Some people say that fashion is gorgeous, dazzling, extremely bright; some say personality is stylish, unique, distinctive alternative, some people say the big fashion, high-end luxury, the atmosphere awe-inspiring. Yes, each person has a different fashion all understanding, we have a unique perspective. Bags, as Amy essential fashion-conscious mix of choice, how can conquer all hearts with stylish fashion darling from Florence -? Jane Rorty, with its luxury, niche positioning, the pursuit of the details of the attitude, exquisite technology has won the praise of many high-end people.

Jane Rorty fashion, from its luxury positioning. Speaking of the luxury brand, we can easily think of first LV, Chanel, Gucci, etc., and Rorty is relatively simple, if too low-key? For positioned as a niche luxury brand bags Jane Rorty, you probably do not too familiar, but when you know Jane Rorty’s flagship store in Paris and the center of Florence luxury street, I think you must have a concept at once and get to know it!

Jane Rorty fashion, from a small minority of personality. A small minority, is another name for personality. When people pursue fashion, but want to have to buy the bag is not too public styles and brands, niche brand has become the most sensible choice. But a small minority of fashion, luxury but low-key, simple Florentine leather Rorty as the great successor, shouldering the guardian of traditional crafts and new technology to use the task.

Jane Rorty fashion, from the details of the design. Jane Rorty logo design is an old lock, lock body as a whole for the bronze, forceful one, and noble. Classic bronze symbolizes Jane Rorty firmly guarding Florence traditional process, while impeccably demonstrates the brand’s elegance. The keyhole is with the unknown mystery, not only embodies the brand’s noble and mysterious, but also a symbol of Jane Rorty more possibilities to explore. With this keyhole and a key gateway to the unknown treasures of mankind, it is the world slowly untied drapery Florence modernist art package.

Buy the cheapest brand-name leather bags

National Day holiday coming soon, the public can to shoes of all Wuhou leather city, Wuhou direct Shoes City to enjoy a shopping spree fun. West China’s largest leather and leather products specialty store more than a thousand brands Wuhou leather city bags, leather goods, leather, fur, fur and other goods, the whole factory outlets, the price is cheaper than the store more than half. It quickly to enjoy shopping carnival, lucky shoppers will have the opportunity to be able to get in Sanya, Hainan trips and iPhone4, iPad2 and other awards.

September 26 to October 22, Wuhou leather city, Wuhou direct Shoes promotional activities held at the same time, more than 1,000 well-known brands, 20000 autumn and winter new products to market, 300,000 promotional products, all two fold, latest the most fashionable footwear, luggage, leather goods, leather, fur, fur, etc. can be found here, the same style fur, Wuhou leather city factory direct bid was cheaper than the store half.

Wuhou leather city gathered thousands of brands, Samsung lifestyle museum, there is the most popular, most fashionable bags, leather goods, leather, fur, fur, give the public a new shopping experience. 31 m length of the largest leather garments, Shanghai World Expo Museum of Belgium in Brussels hero “Manneken Pis” leather city can be seen. All kinds of famous leather city, the latest autumn and winter fashion models leather bags definitely makes eyebrows. Shopping period also draw lucky consumers will enjoy Sanya, Hainan tour, iPhone4, iPad2 and other awards.

Luxury Perfume is Going to be on the Market Soon

As early as 2012, Louis Vuitton signed on outstanding perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, launched the perfume rumors have been heard. Until finally recently announced that it will be officially released in September this year, part of Louis Vuitton’s unique perfume, this is the first time in 70 years, the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton to re-enter the fragrance business an important signal. Louis Vuitton brand CEO, said perfume itself is a good business, Louis Vuitton during the early 1920s to the 1930s, has launched four different fragrances.

Chengdu fashion industry well-informed sources said, Louis Vuitton is now a high-profile launch of the perfume should correspond to stagnation of its leather goods and fashion division in the first quarter, according to research to reflect the current market, in beauty and personal care, including advanced cosmetics, skin, hair and perfume sales very impressive. Obviously, Louis Vuitton does not want to miss this market opportunity.

However, the current fragrance market competition has been very intense, it seems that every brand or a fashion lifestyle brand, and even celebrities will launch perfume. The end of May, the French brand Roger & Gallet fragrance incense Anatomy meet unexpectedly in the Pacific Ocean in Chengdu opened its first boutique happiness. Perfume industry for middle-class consumers by entry-level product, continues to lead consumers to buy luxury grade perfume, it has become an open secret in the industry, its only purpose is to enhance the company’s profits.

Royal Dutch Friesland Makes Cooperation with Suning

Royal Dutch Friesland in Nanjing Suning Tesco signed a memorandum of cooperation, the two sides will cooperate in both rural poverty and precise electricity supplier within the next year. The two sides decided, with the full channel O2O Suning advantages, continue to increase the existing infant formula product category of promotion, while gradually introduced in line with consumer demand for dairy products in rural areas, and carry nutrition and health science education and vocational skills of rural women in poor areas training. At the same time, the Friesland, Suning and China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation jointly launched the “love Yuesao” charity project has officially started.

Friesland its “from pasture to table” the whole industry chain management, said the company developed a series of dairy industry chain safety and quality control standards and norms to ensure food safety and quality. Friesland CEO Lule Fu (Roelof Joosten), said control of the whole industry chain is the biggest asset of Friesland, Friesland not only export their products to China, also the experience of 145 years of development and accumulated technology sharing to partners at the same time, Friesland willing to transfer knowledge by Dutch Dairy development Centre to help Chinese dairy counterparts to improve product quality.

The Friesland and Suning two sides deepen cooperation in hand, meant Gongtuo rural market this piece of blue ocean, rural maternal and child-focused service groups, the Netherlands plans to more excellent dairy products and dietary nutrition knowledge to three to six lines urban, rural consumers can enjoy healthy nutrition scientifically. Lule Fu said, Friesland and Huishan joint venture company’s new products will be available during the year, and this product is the target consumer groups and even four to six second and third tier Chinese cities.

Uber Cross-border Tourism Market

On June 15, Uber announced that it will enter the field of tourism travel, Release Uber travel plans to increase its market share in tourist travel. “China’s development for Uber global growth is a very important part. We are very confident, sharing economy by providing a better way to travel to make the world a better place.” Uber Global Chief Commercial Officer Emil Michael said publicly.

Currently drops, Uber online travel services, represented the increasingly intense competition, with the gradual decrease of subsidies, competition among brands is no longer price, but the value and service. Uber’s future will be more emphasis on traveler service groups, custom introduced a “Uber Fan children” personalized travel experience, combined with the large data user industry, for foreign tourists and business people have a short-term high-frequency precision custom travel demand made travel discount program.

Today, the online travel field, standardization of air tickets, hotel products, Ctrip was “a dominant”, but in the destination of non-standard products play, outbound travel, driving, and other products, various online travel companies are “close combat” crack consulting CEO Wei Changren judgment, OTA future competition will focus on areas of non-standard products.

It is to see the rapid growth of online travel industry, Uber first to cross-border tourism in this market segment seek new growth points. Uber official told reporters, on the birth of Uber from a trip, so for “Uber + Travel” This strategy is very important. In fact, Uber travel plans first proposed by China, for Chinese users to provide seamless global travel services, but also for foreign tourists to China facilitated. “This program can be seen in the important Chinese market for global position Uber, Uber Uber travel plans so that the Chinese market and overseas markets more closely linked.”

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